Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Copyrigth Issues


Ex-beatle member George Harrison wrote a song call "My Sweet Lord".
This song sounds a lot like the song by ronald Mack "he's so Fine," the only difference that i picked up on was the lyrics.
I believe Goerge Harrison may have used the song as inperastion. to create his song "My Sweet Lord".

In this case study there is a chair that Lebbeus Woods drew, that i souly think Universal studios copyed, a sence in the movie "12 monkeys" were the charactor Joe is being interrogated, there is a chair that is clearly a take from Woods pencil drawing of a chair.
So yes i believe this chair is the same chair that Woods had Drawn.

The work done by Keir Smith "Oh so Criminail", to me is a very well made work, yes the work illegal but Keir Smith is open about that. He gives the opotunitie for people to contact him so to me i think it is competely justerfied and therefore it should be inclued in the 'Fair Use'.

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